Twice Destined Related Stuff

Cover for Act 1: I should really do this one over...
Monowinged Esher: Uh... this has nothing to do with what's going to happen in the comic.
Esher in her undies: It should be hot, but it's really menacing.
Celia in her undies: Mmm... pink underwear.
Hot New Kid and Esher Action!: But for real, it was a Valentine's Day thing for the 2004 Keenhearts shindig.
A Wallpaper of Esher: (Big file) Why does that Sir Mix-a-lot song keep going on in my head...?
A Wallpaper of Celia: (Big file) Aww. She's so cute when she's got that blue orb thingamajigger.

Gift Art!

One Year Anniversary: Courtesy of Soap Committee of Deity Permit fame. GREATEST FAN ART EVAR
Esher + Wings + Door: From Will Ritter of Thatguy, my 2004 Secret Santa!
Celia and her blankie: Part two of the triad from Will!
Esher != Christmas: And the final part from Will!
Celia in chains (WARNING: Contains nudity!): This piece is by Ewan Baird from Digital War! It may have nudity, and it may offend you, but click on it anyway, cause it's awesome. :D After that, go visit his site dammit!

Other Stuff I Did
Old Glory Robot Insurance: Ever see that SNL skit about the robot that ate old people's medicine? That's hilaaaaaaarious.

More to come!