In Order of Appearance:

Esher Mars:(Status: Framed for murder) The first protagonist(?) of the story. Esher is an ex-assassin and now,
ex-nun from the land of Dovu. Early in the story, Esher grew wings from her back (looking strangely like the Goddess Fatima)
and was able to utilize powerful wind magic despite the fact that she is not trained in any magical arts. Esher is a
deeply religious and fatalistic young woman and has been known to be a crybaby.

Mother Catherine Haverboughs:(Status: Deceased) The old Abess of the convent of Fatima. Catherine was a kind-hearted
and patient nun; a shining example of the tenets of the Goddess. She acted as Esher's surrogate mother during a very
trying period in Esher's life. It was Catherine who showed Esher the light and wisdom of the Goddess and is the
very basis of Esher's moral outlook(when she's not in psycho killer mode).

Takou Mars:(Status: Deceased?) Esher's blind father. Takou's first appearance showed him to be rather cold
and uncaring, but in actuality, he's just a big softie. Takou came from a long line of feared assassins, and it
was expected that he would be the elder of the Saer'Issu. However, when Takou became a father, his taste for
killing greatly diminished and he allowed Valseis Mendou to take his place. When Esher was forced to undergo the
ritual that would make her a full member of the Saer'Issu, Takou's heart broke, and he could no longer let his
daughter follow this wicked path. His decision cost him his life.

Sister Beatrice Culvex:(Status: Deceased) A sister in the convent of Fatima. Many years prior, Beatrice was
actually a heroic knight who defended Dovu with great fervor and skill. As time went on, Beatrice set down her
sword to serve her country as a religious example. Beatrice was jolly individual who liked to spontaneously hug.

Celia Odessa:(Status: Caught) The second protagonist(?) of the story. Celia is a pacifist in the militaristic society
of the city of Tressio. Powerful, destructive magic is treasured and practiced in Tressio, but Celia refuses
to cause harm with hers. As a result, she is shunned and despised by not only her father, an influencial archmage
in the city, but also nearly every mage in the city. Celia appears to be a mishmash of contrasts: she doesn't like destroying
things, yet she's entirely capable of that feat; she has lead a sheltered life, but is sympathetic to the plight of those
less fortunate than her. Celia enjoys reading faerie tales (her favorites are the ones with princes and knights) and
anatomy texts.

Delilah Odessa:(Status: Standby) Celia's kindly mother, perhaps the polar opposite of her father. Delilah, being
a mother, loves her daughter truly and unconditionally. She acts as a shield between Celia and Sanocil and is often the
communicator between them. Not much else is known about Delilah except that twenty years ago, she and Sanocil were
soldiers in the war between their country Alfonse, and Dovu, the country to the south. Delilah is the most powerful
mage in all of Tressio.

Hiroku Auscia:(Status: Entranced) A young man from the kingdom of Livisi to the north of Tressio. Hiro is descended
from the first Livisans who were people that were cast out from Tressio due to their ineptitude with magic. Normally, Livisans
would not even set foot in the city of Tressio, but Hiro was charged with a most important task. An enigmatic figure named
"Quinton" kidnapped Shu, a girl who is close to Hiro in some way. For her safe return, Quinton commanded Hiro to take a
spellbomb to the Arcane Academy of Tressio to kill all of the graduating mages. Though he begrudgingly complied, he was
stopped by Celia. Hiro claims he is a monk, but it is revealed that he is also the son of a king.

Shu Iross:(Status: Kidnapped/Unknown) Not much is known about this young woman except that she is very important to Hiro.

Sanocil Odessa:(Status: High and mighty) Celia's mean mean mean dad. Sanocil is the Archmage (Highest ranking mage) in
all of Tressio, not because he is the most powerful (that's his wife) but because he is the most deadly (there's a difference).
Sanocil presides over the Council of Mages, a group of advisors to the Emperor. Sanocil, along with the Council, wishes to
usurp the throne of Tressio due to political differences with the Emperor. It was Sanocil, under the guise of "Quinton" (it
was the name he went by during the war) who kidnapped Shu and forced Hiro to attack the Arcane Academy of Tressio.
Sanocil, along with many of the elder mages of Tressio, was a veteran of the war between Alfonse and Dovu twenty years prior.

Mother Agatha Templeton:(Status: Promoted) Agatha is a devout believer in the Goddess Fatima, as Catherine was, but that's
where their similarities end. Agatha is a cruel and power-mongering priestess who believed that salvation was only for the worthy
(in her eyes). Agatha was greatly suspicious of Esher when she arrived, and very jealous of Esher's relationship with Mother
Catherine. Thus, when the opportunity presented itself, Agatha framed Esher for murder and took Catherine's role as the religious
leader of Dovu.

"The Kid":(Status: Bitch slapped) A Guardian sent from Parel to investigate the murders of Mother Catherine, Sister
Beatrice, and four other people in the Cathedral of Fatima. As Dovu is a country lacking any central government, rampant crime
and violence is widespread. In retaliation, The Guardians were established to bring some sort of law to the lawless. The Kid is,
as of the moment, the youngest person to ever be placed in that prestigious and dangerous role. His mission at the moment is to
bring the murderer Esher Mars to justice. He speaks profanities to mask childhood insecurities.

Elder Valseis Mendou:(Status: Unknown) As of Esher's last flashback, he is the current leader of the Saer'Issu. Valseis
was told of a prophecy where "...the daughter of the sightless killer shall bring ruination to the world", and believed Esher to
be that doombringer. When Takou decided to leave the Saer'Issu with Esher, Valseis decided to kill him and take Esher for himself.
It is not clearly known what happened on the day Takou and Esher were attacked.

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