Age: Old enough to be tried as an adult in a court of law.
Hair color: Undiscernable. Subject wears hats all the time. Including in the bathroom. What a sicko.
Eye color: Rectangular. Oh wait, those are his glasses. Oh wait, that's a shape. Wait, what was the question?
Height: 320 Meters
Weight: 8,008,000 Tons (Dream Weight)
Weapons: Great King Punch, Great King Cannon, ETC.
Special Abilities: Invincible (OMG, a cookie to whoever recognizes the reference from this and the previous three entries)
Occupation: Full-time student. Sounds better than unemployed, don't it?
Elemental Alignment: Wind (Wind r0xx0rs. You don't even know.)
Sign: Leo
Favourite Food: Spicy Chicken Ramen from 7-Eleven. That little bowl has 100 percent of your daily recommended value of salt! 100 percent! That's 3500 milligrams for the average person! In bowl! How awesome is that??!
Favourite Drink: Barq's root beer
Preferred Character in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, the only fighting game anyone should play: Ibuki. She's a ninja and a school girl. You cannot go wrong. Ninjas rock so hard. They totally flip out and kill a town. (You know you've seen the site.) Plus school girls are just hot, man.
Favourite Radio Station: CD 101.9. The smooth jazz station. Sissy am I? You bet. It's so soothing when you're driving, you'll barely hear the frightened screams of evasive pedestrians. Ohhhh air saxophone solo! *rocks out*
Favourite Manga Artist: Yukito Kishiro! That guy rocks. Read the Battle Angel Alita saga. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll eat snail pie. Seriously though, I am a better person after reading his work. In my humble opinion, that man has mastered the art of putting ink to paper and making you believe there are real people staring at you. *end seriousness*
Favorite RPGs: Final Fantasies 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Tactics and X. 8 Was just really romantic (and Rinoa's so freakin' cute) and Tactics is just great all around. X... well... X is an experience. I've only cried like 3,455,781 times in my life, and this game added to that count. Xenogears and Xenosaga also. Very awesome stuff. Lunar Silver Star Complete and Lunar Eternal Blue Complete. I've got a soft spot for fairy tales and these have got to be t3h b3st. And of course, Chrono Trigger. But heck, that's implied if someone plays RPGs.

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